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First waver, empath, lightworker, intuitive, visionary... these are just some of the aspects of myself that I've discovered along my ascension path. My first notable awakening happened over 30 years ago while I was backpacking through the Hawaiian islands when I was 23.  So began my journeys, both inner and outer, awakening many innate gifts and abilities, all the while doing extensive shadow work and healing.

 Combining careers in counselling and travel & tourism, I have applied many spiritual tools to the most important and numerous lessons in my life, particularly in relationships. The use of these tools were effective and positive, giving me the knowledge, training and life lessons to produce Sunrise Intuitive Counselling. 

 I also raised 3 lovely, open and powerful daughters, and have an innate positive outlook towards humanity's ascension.

I am Sunrise Dreamer; allow me to support you on your 5D awakening journey.


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